Snailmail Collective Buddy | December

So I totally missed the mark. It just goes to show how important it is to read directions… and then remember what you read later. Sheesh! Story of my life…

Last month I joined The Snail Mail Collective through The Nectar Collective blog (love Melyssa).

I was paired up with a sweetheart from The Netherlands, Daphne. I have literally never met a friend with that name. Daphne. Was pretty excited about that alone. So anyway, I thought I would be super cute and put togehther a fun, coordinated package. And I totally pulled it off. A colorful, striped notebook (with buttersmooth paper, FYI), and a bunch of headbands (yes, those are headbands – I wasn’t sure at first either) that happened to match. By the way, The Snail Mail Collective has a cut off of $5. FIVE DOLL HAIRS (you like that Megghy?). That is not a lot of money, I’m just saying. Unless you frequent Ross. And I am a professional frequenter. The notebook: $2.99, and the hairbands: $1.99. Cha-ching!! I’m going to have to get real creative as the monthly pairings go on.

snailmail7prophotoSo I packaged it all up and sent it off:)

A few days after hubby and I returned from Pittsburgh, I received Daphne’s mail. I LOVE GETTING MAIL!!!!!! Just me?

From her bag of goodies I pulled out:
1. a postcard (yup, I forgot that one)
2. a pocket calendar
3. a travel journal
4. three little “fudge candies,” which were delicious and the equivalent to our caramel. Mmmm…

…all tied up with a neat little bow. Daphne,  you are super sweet. Her postcard told me about the package including “themed travelling,” which, yup, forgot that one too (there is a theme to every month’s Snail Mail).

snailmail daphnesnailmail daphne3

I told you it was adorable.

Daphne Smit

I see you recieved the package! I forgot to put a priority sticker on it so it took a bit longer :) I loved your package, it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t ‘travel themed’. All the best, Daphne

Brianna Fae Liberatore

Haha thank you Daphne!!! Hope all is well!!

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